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  • Version: for Firefox 2.0.2

Stream your favorite US content with this Firefox add-on

Media Hint is a Firefox extension which allows you to watch and use media content that may be restricted in your region, typically things that are limited to the US or UK. The extension is incredibly easy to install with no manual set up.

You simply click the download link and then hit install when prompted (through Firefox). Media Hint will automatically be enabled and accessible through Firefox's add-ons menu, letting you access content which may not usually be available in your geographic region. You can easily disable or remove Media Hint if desired through Firefox's settings menu. It doesn't work with all media sites yet but it does work with the most well-known ones like Netflix, Hulu and Pandora. Media Hint also has a Google Chrome extension.


  • Very simple to use
  • Immediate access to region-restricted content
  • No manual set-up required


  • Doesn't work with all content sites

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Media Hint


Media Hint for Firefox 2.0.2 for PC

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